Post surgical care

Just like the treatment period, post-treatment and post-surgical treatment periods are extremely vital and proper care received during this time ensures speedy recovery and in most cases non-recurrence of the ailment in future.

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Cancer and Palliative Care

Personal care for cancer patients is highly essential when the patient is undergoing interventional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. At such times the patient needs support and strength to take care of personal and medical needs and emergencies.

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Orthopaedic Care

 Elderly individuals and patients suffering from orthopaedic ailments need to be monitored from time to time and also supported in the healing process. In the case of post-accident and post-surgery care,

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Diabetic Care

Diabetes is a lifestyle ailment that needs disciplined management and constant supervision. Precaution and monitoring go a long way in keeping the blood sugar levels in check and leading a healthy life.

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Wound Care and dressing

Post-surgery care is a critical process in the healing and recuperation process. Regular dressings of the wound and proper care of the healing wounds help in faster recovery. This is a specialised task undertaken by able and experienced nurses.

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